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Get more out of your Panasonic Clock Radio, RC-DC1, 

when you download Memory Loader*!

Setting your alarms & listening to your favorite radio frequencies on your clock radio will no longer be the same!

With more selections on Memory Loader, you can now personalize the snooze durations of RC-DC1, expand your alarm settings to any day of the week, single day, everyday, weekday or weekend. A dedicated Nap**  feature on Memory Loader will wake you up from your short rest, without having you to reset your regular alarms in RC-DC1!

Using Memory Loader, together with RC-DC1, you can scan & see the list of radio frequencies you are able to receive at your location.

Choose & store up to 5 of your favorite radio frequencies into RC-DC1, for quick tune in the next time.

Don't worry about forgetting your love one's birthday anymore! With the Events** feature on Memory Loader, you will always be reminded of their birthday after your regular alarm sound on RC-DC1.

So, download Memory Loader today and get more out of your Panasonic Clock Radio, RC-DC1!



Select the country of your iTune account and we will bring you to experience Memory Loader... 


Memory Loader Features

- Configure the alarm setting on RC-DC1.
- Change the snooze duration on RC-DC1.
- Change the radio preset channels on RC-DC1.
- Activate DST (Daylight Saving Time / summer time) on RC-DC1.
- Events **
- Nap **



           * Memory Loader is an application that works with Panasonic Clock Radio, RC-DC1.

          ** Events feature on Memory Loader will list the dates ( Birthday , Anniversary , etc) stored in your iPhone or iPod touch contacts 

              in chronological order.

          ** Memory Loader must be operating  and connected to RC-DC1 for Events & Nap features to work.

          ** For iOS6, Events list will only be displayed if Memory Loader is allowed to access to your contacts.

             ( Please refer to FAQ, Q3 on steps to allow memory loader to access your contact).


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